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School Day

Our school day consists of lots of play, learning, and building community with activities that stimulate the mind and body.

At 8:30 a.m. when the school begins, children are greeted at
the door by teachers and made to feel welcome. They deposit their jackets in their cubbies and are off to explore their nursery school.


​About 9:30, children will sit down for the "gathering:" a special time when we all sit together and talk about our day.  We teach the kids about days of the week, months, year, the weather today and the season we are in.  The children raise their hands and answer the questions then they get to put the right answer up on the calendar.  We have sharing time where each child has a special day that they get to share anything they want.  They sit in a special sharing chair and talk about what they brought.  Then the other children ask them questions about their sharing.  We sing songs, and play games that relate to what our monthly theme may be.  The gathering time is over at 10:00.


Then, the children get called to do an art project that also relates to what they are learning.  Then after art we have free playtime.  In this time the children can dress up, build a house for their animals, do puzzles, read stories, color at the art table, whatever they choose to do.



At 10:45 each child is expected to help clean up. They are called back into our gathering time to get their jobs.  Shortly after, we take a bathroom break (we encourage the children to become self-sufficient in the bathroom).


At 11:15, we are hungry so we eat our snack, served by the children. We drink our water in our own cups.


Then we dress for the outdoors and go out to play. We have a magical playground with Maurice the Dragon, places to make mud pies, swings, castles, a climbing wall, slides, a roller coaster, and lots of room for imagination.

School time is over,

It's time for us to go.

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