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To enroll your child, you must complete the the registration forms and releases and submit to the Tahoe Community Nursery School. Registration typically takes place in April for the following school year. (Children going on to the Monday-Wednesday-Friday class from the Tuesday-Thursday class need not re-register.) New registrants: Be sure to come early, as there are limited spaces and they fill fast!


Tuition is due by the 1st of each month. Our tuition is low or on par with other preschool programs in the area, and much less than tuition in metropolitan areas. There is a photo fee that covers a year’s worth of photography. This is a way for parents to see the activities that their children are involved in at school. There is an insurance fee that pays for the school’s liability coverage. Fees may increase as expenses increase.


Parents are required to attend in order to get acquainted with the policies and teachers of Tahoe Community Nursery School. Parents will be notified of the date.



We are a nonprofit school and may have various fund-raisers throughout the year in order to continue to provide a top quality experience for our children. Parents will be required to volunteer their time for these events, which may change from year to year.


In order to provide a well-rounded palette of experiences, Tahoe Community Nursery School takes the children on several field trips during the year. If our trip is farther than legs can walk, parents will need to take their children to the field trip site or arrange car pools to go on a field trip. California state law requires that all children ride in car seats until they are 40 pounds or 4 years old. Additionally, vehicles used for car pooling should be fully safe to drive and hold the proper insurance.


Each parent will bring snacks for their child’s class three to four times a year. This provides a variety of different foods and foods of different ethnic backgrounds. Snacks need to be healthy – no sweets please! Parents need to sign up a week in advance what they are bringing for snack as it needs to be three food groups. Then we post the snack menu for the week on the parent board outside. The children will bring a cup to school at the beginning of the year and use it at snack time each day. The child whose parents brought the snack will get to serve the food. We set aside “party” days for a special treat, but the rest of the days we must ask for healthy snacks. This includes snacks on your child’s birthday – please, no chocolate cupcakes!



We follow the Tahoe Truckee Unified School District schedule and do not have school on holidays, spring break, Christmas break and other days that TTUSD students are not in session. At orientation, we’ll give you a TTUSD schedule.


When TTUSD schools are canceled due to snow, we are canceled as well. You can listen to the radio or TV to find out about a snow day. Sometimes when weather is too difficult for small children to get out, we will cancel nursery school even though TTUSD is in session. We’ll call to inform you of this. Or to find out yourself you can call the TTUSD snow phone 582-2510. TCNS does not make up snow days.


Tahoe Community Nursery School is a registered nonprofit organization with a board of directors to make decisions about the school. The board positions are president, vice-president, treasurer, secretary, publicity, fundraising, building & grounds, special events, town picnic, and registration. If you are interested in being a board member, ask a teacher how to volunteer.


We have alumni that include World Cup skiers, physicists, doctors, actresses, snowplow drivers, mechanics, entrepreneurs, and many happy people. We are now teaching some of the children of our former students.

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