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            Fall 2024 

***** New Schedule ******

Monday- Thursday

8:30 am- 1:30 pm

December 31st 2021 and older

$6650/year ($665/month)

+ registration and photo fee

Current Student intent to 

re-enroll 3/4/24-3/10/24

TCNS Alumni and TCNS Siblings 3/11/24-3/22/24

New Family Enrollment

Wednesday April 17th

5:30 pm


Where We Came From

In 1965, Tahoe Community Nursery School was founded by a small group of local moms. Little did they know then that the school would become a community icon and go on to nurture two generations of Tahoe’s children.

Our Mission
​Tahoe Community Nursery School provides a safe fun environment that nurtures lifelong learners as they become familiar with a classroom/group setting. Through a balance of play-based and structured activities, our teachers guide children through early learning with love and warm support. We focus on activities that build self-esteem, self- awarness, academic skill, and an appreciation for the place we live. We foster a love of learning, social confidence, sharing, and friendship. Our graduates start off on the right foot when they enter elementary school.

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